Yuvadarshan Annual Day 2017

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The 35th Annual day of Yuvadarshan celebrated on 23rd July 2017, was held at Thomas Baptista college hall from 10:30am-12:30 pm. It was celebrated with almost 150 youth representatives from various parishes, including Yuvadarshan ex-members. The program started with a prayer and lighting of the lamp, which was done by the chief guest for the day, Fr. Joel D’cunha, Fr. Allwin Tuscano, Mr. Leon Pereira and Mr. Leslie D’mello. Fr. Allwin Tuscano, the 8th newly appointed Director of Yuvadarshan welcomed the youth with his spontaneity and expressed his gratitude towards Yuvadarshan. Fr. Joel addressed the youth on the inception of Yuvadarshan which was on 22nd July 1982, and how Yuvadarshan has come a long way giving plenty of opportunities to the youth helping them grow in the process. He also shed light on the theme for the day,” In His Eyes, You are Precious” and said that each and everyone is precious to God. He congratulated all the members for enthusiastically going about with We Care for You campaign and successfully saving 16 lives. Fr. Joel accompanied by Fr. Allwin launched the official website of Yuvadarshan, www.yuvadarshanvasai.org where official news of Yuvadarshan would be uploaded. The next part of the program was the Handing over ceremony, where the old core committee delegated their responsibility to the new one. Mr. Leslie D’mello handed over his Presidentship to the newly elected President Mr. Leon Pereira. The newly elected core team members along with the parish elected representatives took the oath and promised to work for their youth and fulfill the responsibility entrusted to them. The annual report of Yuvadarshan was presented in the form of a video. The crowd was at its cheerful best as the members of Yuvadarshan danced with zeal to Hindi and English songs. The program ended on a happy note with Yuvdarshan members cutting a cake on the 35th Annual day of Yuvdarshan.

The newly elected Core Committee is as follows:
Mr. Leon Pereira from Remedy as President,
Miss Pranjali Lopes from Shirlai as Vice President 1,
Mr. Jason Pereira from Giriz as Vice President 2,
Miss Saloni Britto from Merces as Secretary,
Miss Rachel Andrades from Sandor as Vice Secretary 1,
Mr. Joyston Joseph from Evershine as Vice Secretary 2,
Mr. Neil Mascarenhas from Merdes as Media Incharge,
Mr. Daris Lobo from Nallasopara (W) as Liturgy Incharge,
Miss Tejal Pereira from Gass as Cultural Incharge,
Mr. Colin Lobo from Evershine as Public Relations Incharge, and
Mr. Amos D’britto from Umralle as Sports Incharge.

Reported by: Shefali Chaudhary, Remedy.