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The delegates of days in the diocese reported the church at 9:30 am. ICYM Pangla unit members showed them the campus and the catechism classes. The delegates then took part in the Sunday mass in which they were introduced to the parishners, welcomed them on behalf of everyone, prayed for their future and wished them a pleasant stay at Pangla.
The delegates then conducted action songs to the children of our parish in which even ICYM members of our unit took active part. This was followed by a small get together of 40 members which included the 13 delegates, ICYM Pangla Director and unit members, Principal of our PU college, Parish council vice-president and secretary, and the family members who had hosted Days in the diocese.
The programme began with a prayer song, reading and reflection on the word of God. The unit president welcomed the gathering. ICYM annual report was read. Everyone introduced each other and delegates shared their work plan of how their movement works. The delegates even shared their travel experience and about their stay in Udupi and Pangla. They said that, they feel as if they are staying at their own house and thanked everyone for the hospitality. Parish priest delivered his presidential address and gave a brief idea about the nature and behaviour of youth, enquired the delegates about what they expect and want to do in our parish, he again wished them good luck in their future and to feel home. This was followed by ice breakers and treasure hunt. The purpose of treasure hunt was to make the delegates be familiar with the church campus. The delegates had lunch. A group dance activity called heel toe was done by the delegates. The delegates and ICYM members danced for different Konkani baila songs, biridie dance, pista dance and other hindi songs. This was followed by dumb-charades. A group photo was clicked.
The delegates along with ICYM members visited Mr. Andrew Lobo, who is an agriculturist and has pesticide shop in Shankerpura. He explained about the history of how Jasmine flower cultivation started in Pangla parish, how do we tie and sell them, the manure and work done behind growing the jasmine flowers. He also explained everyone about different agriculture of different fruits like sakarekanchi, rambutan, star fruit, fig, cocao, vanilla. He also explained them about how cocoa is sold in the market. A short knowledge was given about the cultivation of anthorium flowers. Later the delegates were explained how to tie jasmine flowers.
Lastly the delegates and ICYM members played lagori. And then the delegates were dropped to their respective houses.

2nd phase of NYC

After leaving the families, the delegates headed towards St. Lawrence church, Attur on 17th January 2017. The delegates reached St. Lawrence church at around 10:00am. After the refreshments provided, the delegates were then taken for a seminar on the history of the existence of the Church. They were also briefed about the life of St. Lawrence. After the seminar the youths from all over India walked together in a procession followed by a mass. After the mass the delegates headed for lunch followed by a cultural prgrm by all the diocese. The Vasai diocese presented their traditional folk dance on the beats of “Ghumat”. After the final blessings the members then headed towards Mangalore at around 5pm. The delegates arrived at St. Joseph’s engineering college, Mangalore at 7:30pm which will be their venue for the convention for the next couple of days.


– Reported by Tejal Prerira and Shefali Chaudhary