St. Mother Teresa Parish Youth Report 2017-18

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St. Mother Teresa Parish Youth Report 2017 -18

The parish has witnessed increased participation of youth in various parish services and other activities. Their magnetic enthusiasm has attracted more and more youth to become a part of this process of making a difference in this parish. Youth are a lot more than just playing games or singing and dancing. Here at SAINT MOTHER TERESA YOUTH (SMTY), our youth have been directing their intellect, energy and creativity to pump up the atmosphere through their small but effective initiatives.

The youth started the year with a fun get-together event on 16th July, 2017 in which new office bearers were announced. After the appointment of new office bearers, the parish experienced increase in youth activities. The youth were more enthusiastic about the activities. The Youth president started an initiative of registration of the members of the youth to have a proper count of our members. Under the leadership of our president Nigel Joseph and the Vice president Simon Fernandes designed the badges for the youth which gave us feeling of togetherness and unity.

On 21th July 2017 the new office bearers along with other office bearers of the parishes of our diocese took oath at the Vardapan din at Papdy, Vasai in the presence of Fr. Allwin Tuscano the director of Yuva Darshan.

On 1st August the youth celebrated, our Parish Youth Director and our guide, Fr. Ramesh’s birthday after the morning mass the youth came together to celebrate this day and thank father for his supportive and encouraging attitude towards the youth, the youth had its First General Youth Meeting on 13th August. The youth participated in the football tournament that was held Virar East Parish on 15th August. There were two teams from our side.
Next the Youth had the task of personally inviting other parishes for the Novena of St. Mother Teresa which was held in our parish. They also put out banners in the surrounding parishes on 16th August. The next task of sending personal invites of the novenas of St. Mother Teresa to parishes of our diocese and hanging banners was performed by the youth core team on 16th August
The youth had organized a food stall during the novena of our Patron Saint, St. Mother Teresa, from 21st August to 29th August. 50% of the total profit was donated for the purchase of church land. The youth donated an amount of Rs 2000 they worked very hard in this activity as in form unity between each other.

Our youth participated in the cleaning and beautification of the church for the feast and novena of St. Mother Mary. There were some youth who also actively participated in the cleaning of the church for the feast mass.
Besides these, our youth have also been active in the Yuvadarshan initiatives. A good number of 16 youth also attended the seminar which was held at St. James Church, Agashi on the 3rd of September. On 5th September the youth offered the novena mass of mother Mary. The most fruit-bearing of them all was the paper drive conducted by them on the 10th of September, to raise funds for the youth group, which received very good response from the parishners. This activity was greatly encouraged by our youth director Fr. Ramesh and all the parishners. The youth collected a total of 500 kg of newspapers and an amount of Rs 5000 which was later donated for the youth fund account.
On 30th Sept more than 20 Youth attended the 2017 DIOCESAN YOUTH DAY at T.B college Vasai (W) the youth enjoyed the yuvadarshan diocese event. We thank father Ramesh Dsouza (Youth director) for helping us in the youth activities and his generous support in motivating us.

1st October 2017 Sunday. The youth cleaned the church and church surrounding with help of the parishners who has donated their precious time we thank our parishners for coming forward. We have regular meeting for the youth every second Sunday of the month. More youth are getting involved in the church activities and are very eager in contributing for the church.
18th October 2017 Wednesday. The SAINT MOTHER TERESA core team organised a youth social responsibility of distributing clothes donated by the youth and their family. wrapped in nice decorated coloured papers and was gifted to poor people living on the streets of Virar west at various places like railway station, at the entrance of our church, near the traffic signal and villages of Virar on Diwali. These people were very happy and eager to receive the gifts with joy and happiness.
Our youth participated at Remedy Church Vasai (w) for poster making competition on 22th October 2017 and On November 4th and November 5th our youth participated in yuvadarshan indoor games.
Youth had their meeting on 10th December discussing about carol singing church decoration, talent contest and family day. On 23rd December youth decorated the church and stage.
30th December youth participated for family day and helping hand for stage decoration and volunteer and on 31st December new year mass youth were ushers.
We Catholics enjoy it to the core of our heart and this is how with live our youth director Fr. Ramesh D’Souza thought of organising the carol singing in order to show other people how we celebrate Christmas Carol singing of smt youth was organised on 22/12/2017 everyone were told to wear red clothes and carry Their Santa-caps along. It started at 6pm and got over at 9 pm a truck ride was done in every area that we visited. Our vice-president Simon Fernandes had become the Santa Claus. & gave everyone chocolates. we visited the whole Virar town global city, viva college area, Yashwant Nagar, Virat Nagar central park, Gokul township, petrol pump, kid’s convent, national school and many more places. One of the communities gave us tea and snacks for all of us.
The next part of advent season that the youth organised was decorating the church on 24th December 2017 in the morning the youth decorated the church very beautifully and after the decoration of church the youth even cleaned the inside of the church and even the outside area after that the youth helped each other in putting up chairs in an order for mass.
At last the season of advent was a joyous and wonderful season by the SMT youth. this could be possible only because of the support of the core team and blessings from the almighty God.

The youth had their meeting on 4th January discussion regarding the youth bash party the youth get together was held on 13th January 2018.There was mass offered for all the youth of the parish followed by a party that was organised by the core team of the youth that started at 8pm.

The SMT Olympics took place on Saturday and Sunday, the 3rd and 4th of February 2018.The parish council members and the youth organised this event.

The event was then given a green signal with the lighting of the candle by ft Philip Vaz. The event commenced with games such as frog jump, marble spoon, book balance, potato race, slow cycling for kids ranging up to 12 yrs. All the kids participated with great enthusiasm. At the end a musical chair was arranged for parishioners of different age groups wherein they mingled and giggled together thus making the first day of sports a success. The second day began with great zeal. Various community level games such as mix cricket, women’s throwball and men’s volleyball was organised.
9 Youths from our parish had participated in the Yuvadarshan Deanery Seminar held at Our Lady of Lourdes Church, Shirlaiwadi. It was a well-planned Seminar and the youth had a wonderful experience.

YOUTH had their last, meeting of the year with Fr Ramesh on 8th April 2018. Meeting was all about youth activities that were conducted throughout the year and it was successful. We also discussed about the upcoming activities like paper drive, Yuvajallosh and Youth Picnic. feedback regarding the core team members were also discussed. Another event was about the Summer Camp organized by Yuvadarshan two of our youth, Simon Fernandes and Jennifer Barla, attended the camp. They liked the event and really enjoyed being there.

On 2nd May 2018 youth had their last paper drive of the year, visited all communities in our parish. Couple of youth worked very hard in covering all 16 communities in Virar west collected 167 kg of newspapers which amounted to ₹2000. We thank all people for their valuable donation.
This year youth were practising very hard for Yuvajallosh, Dance competition which was held on 13th May. 10 youth from our Parish had participated in the dance.
On 22nd May we had our youth picnic. It was a memorable and jolly time for us all!

We would like to give a big THANK YOU to Our Youth Director Fr. Ramesh Dsouza and wish him all the Best for his future works and The great loving GOD shower Blessings on him always for his new role.


Reported by: Melinda Fernandes, Simon Fernandes, Nigel Joseph, Leona Pinto